Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting rid of the Molluscum


So a few years ago I notice this tiny bump on Tay’s bum. I originally thought that it was a zit and it would go away. Well it never did so months later at her two year well child check up I finally brought it up to her Pediatrician. He told me it was a type of wart that would go away on its own. I trusted him, which I now regret! Months later I started noticing they were starting to spread everywhere. She had a patch on the back of her knee that contained 3 of them. During the summer months they didn’t really bother her, as soon as the cold came I started noticing that they were itching her way more often. She eventually scratched them all off of her knee! I made an appointment with a  dermatologist, that was a month away. a couple of weeks before our dermatologist appointment we had and appointment with an Allergist. While telling her about our hellacious summer battling Taylor’s seasonal allergies, Taylor interrupted (which she does often) and told the Dr. about her “warts” all while pulling her shirt up to show her where they were on her belly. I didn’t think much of it but I basically see the light bulb above her head turn on. She took a closer look at it and Said “aha Molluscum!” She turned to me and said “Those are Molluscom. They are a virus that attacks people with weak skin, or eczema. That is another sign that Taylor is suffering from one allergy or another. Lets test her!” Testing her for allergies was such a traumatic experience for the two of us!! That is a whole other post, we go  back in 4 months to test her again!! She ended up giving us some Aldera for the warts and sent us on our way. She told me not to cancel the appointment with the dermatologist because she was giving us the medicine that the other Dr. would, she was just helping us speed up the process. I guess all insurance companies make you try the Aldera first before they will pay for any other treatment. Thank you!!!

So three weeks later we are the Dermatologist and again another traumatic experience. The Dr. came in told us we were going to try a method called Blistering Beetle Juice. I was clueless so she explained what would happen ( click on the link above).

Taylor was still traumatized from the allergist so I had to wrestle her down, along with the help of another nurse and numerous other ones coming into the room to see if they could distract her.

They finally applied all the medicine to the Molluscum and hours later this is how my baby girl’s body looked


The above pictures are all 12 hours after the medicine was applied. They really were full fledged water blisters. We were getting in the shower and I finally had an opportunity to count them 27 !! Poor little thing I felt so bad. She couldn’t sit, lay down and they hurt her too bad to play.

The pictures below are 48 hours after! the blisters are popping and starting to heal.


We went back on Friday for our two week check-up and had to do another treatment. This time only 12!! The big ones usually take 2-3 treatments. Hopefully this last round will take care of everything! She is not allowed to take a bath or go swimming until the molluscum is gone. This virus is highly contagious in water. Swimming season is almost here and our little fish loves the water!!

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kmwil275 said...

How long did the Molluscum take to heal? My daughter has it and we have been battling this since March