Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting rid of the Molluscum


So a few years ago I notice this tiny bump on Tay’s bum. I originally thought that it was a zit and it would go away. Well it never did so months later at her two year well child check up I finally brought it up to her Pediatrician. He told me it was a type of wart that would go away on its own. I trusted him, which I now regret! Months later I started noticing they were starting to spread everywhere. She had a patch on the back of her knee that contained 3 of them. During the summer months they didn’t really bother her, as soon as the cold came I started noticing that they were itching her way more often. She eventually scratched them all off of her knee! I made an appointment with a  dermatologist, that was a month away. a couple of weeks before our dermatologist appointment we had and appointment with an Allergist. While telling her about our hellacious summer battling Taylor’s seasonal allergies, Taylor interrupted (which she does often) and told the Dr. about her “warts” all while pulling her shirt up to show her where they were on her belly. I didn’t think much of it but I basically see the light bulb above her head turn on. She took a closer look at it and Said “aha Molluscum!” She turned to me and said “Those are Molluscom. They are a virus that attacks people with weak skin, or eczema. That is another sign that Taylor is suffering from one allergy or another. Lets test her!” Testing her for allergies was such a traumatic experience for the two of us!! That is a whole other post, we go  back in 4 months to test her again!! She ended up giving us some Aldera for the warts and sent us on our way. She told me not to cancel the appointment with the dermatologist because she was giving us the medicine that the other Dr. would, she was just helping us speed up the process. I guess all insurance companies make you try the Aldera first before they will pay for any other treatment. Thank you!!!

So three weeks later we are the Dermatologist and again another traumatic experience. The Dr. came in told us we were going to try a method called Blistering Beetle Juice. I was clueless so she explained what would happen ( click on the link above).

Taylor was still traumatized from the allergist so I had to wrestle her down, along with the help of another nurse and numerous other ones coming into the room to see if they could distract her.

They finally applied all the medicine to the Molluscum and hours later this is how my baby girl’s body looked


The above pictures are all 12 hours after the medicine was applied. They really were full fledged water blisters. We were getting in the shower and I finally had an opportunity to count them 27 !! Poor little thing I felt so bad. She couldn’t sit, lay down and they hurt her too bad to play.

The pictures below are 48 hours after! the blisters are popping and starting to heal.


We went back on Friday for our two week check-up and had to do another treatment. This time only 12!! The big ones usually take 2-3 treatments. Hopefully this last round will take care of everything! She is not allowed to take a bath or go swimming until the molluscum is gone. This virus is highly contagious in water. Swimming season is almost here and our little fish loves the water!!

Winter X Games 2011

For years now my mother has been taking me on a vacation for a Christmas present instead of things. I love it!! Several of those years I have chosen to go watch the Denver Broncos play. I have been to 6 home games and 1 away game (San Diego was worth it). This year I wanted to try something different out. So we went to the Winter X Games in Aspen Colorado (“where the women flow like wine!”). I have never been to Aspen so it was fun to see a giant sized Park City!! The people watching there was amazing. Here are a few pictures of some of the events we saw and places we hung out


Bad Billy’s Bar….Not sure how many Bloody Mary’s these two had drank


This was such a fun place we went here twice. Great Bloody Mary’s, huge TVs and good food


This was the Snowboard Street. 3 of the 7 contestants were from Utah


My mom taught me to never waste!!


Boogeys Diner


We had Bloody Mary’s pretty much everyday


Skier super pipe


This cute little pizza place…we got half way done with our second pitcher of beer and I had to leave. Drinking all day will do that to you



The two pictures above are of a bar, yes a bar!! You could walk off the mountain and jump in the heated pool or hot tube in your undies!!


Bobby Brown


Snowmobile Freestyle. This was my favorite event!! These guys are crazy and so talented!


Who carries around a fire hydrant?!


The infamous Yeti!!

Such a fun trip! I would definitely go back again!

Taylor’s 4th Birthday Party


Taylors 4th birthday fell on a Wednesday night. Cody and I both worked that day, so we decided to have a nice dinner at home and let her choose what she wanted. Taylor picked Chicken nuggets, french fries and broccoli!

We had her birthday party the next day. She wanted to go golfing, so on to Hollywood Connection we went! We told her she could pick two friends to go with us! She did not hesitate one second and picked her two boyfriends, Rhyder and Justice!


These two boys love her so much and she loves them back!

Sue Sue PaPa and Aunt Aidee met us there! We rode rides, mini golfed and rode the bumper cars.


Taylor didn’t care much for this ride! it went round in circles and she screamed the whole time!! It was funny to Dad and Mom but not so funny for the birthday girl.

After Hollywood Connection we met a huge group at Taylor’s new favorite place Leatherbys!!


This is her telling me where we are!! Does she look excited Smile



These two boys are so cute!!

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Taylor’s birthday this year!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Celebrating the most amazing 4 years, so far…


January 8th, 2007

I was HUGE. I was 9”shorter around than I was tall!!! That is 52” around. I was SOOO uncomfortable, my feet were swollen, I had developed Gestational Diabetes, I couldn’t sleep and was just ready to meet our baby already! I was going to see the Dr. in three days Hoping he would say alright lets induce  you. January 11th came and NO induction, I was disappointed. I pleaded with  Dr. Kaelberer to help me out, with no avail Sad smile.

I asked him jokingly if women really went into labor after big snowstorms, which we were currently experiencing. Three inches had fallen already and it was still coming down. He told me that it tends to happen that they are busy during big storms but wasn’t proven to be a fact. I jokingly told him I would see him tonight at L&D because I knew he was on call all night and I was hoping to be one of the lucky ones who would be able to take advantage of the snowstorm. Little did I know that exactly 12 hours after I left my appointment I would be walking back to the hospital after my water broke.

I rolled over in bed at 2:30 am and it happened. Instead of panicking and running around losing my mind, like you see in the movies, I started a load of laundry, read ‘What to expect, When expecting’ and started packing our bags for the hospital. I waited about 45 minutes to call my mom. I just wanted to make sure this was really happening before I woke people up in the middle of the night. Debbie panicked when I called her at work at that time of night, and told me she was leaving work and heading to the hospital. She told me I should probably wake Cody up and do the same. Yes I was letting him sleep. I would have never heard the end of it if I had woke him up and cried wolf, so I did.

The drive to the hospital was one of the most calm moments of my life, and probably my last! The roads were dark, covered in snow and empty. I was so excited to be heading to the hospital knowing that sooner or later we would be meeting out miracle. I was hoping for sooner rather than later, but was I wrong  Smile

Walking into L&D I thought it was strange that they asked me “what are you in for?” I wanted to say “a root canal, what do you think?’ but I’m pretty sure that amniotic fluid leaking through my pants would give me away. They set me up in my room and soon after that a half asleep Dr. Kaelberer walked in. he informed me he would be going home to take a nap and watching my contractions from his home computer. I settled in, Cody found a chair to go back to sleep in Taylor Mae 052

and my Mom headed back to our house to get the laundry out of the dryer that I had started and finish packing for me. I watched T.V. and tried breathing through the contractions, that didn’t last long. The nurse only asked twice before I gave her permission to call the Anesthesiologist. That was one amazing move. I do not handle pain well and knew that I would accept the epidural from the beginning. I have so much respect for women who give birth without it.

I was in labor for 11 hours before I realized that every time I would have a contraction the nurse would get a call on the phone from my Dr.   I knew he was watching from home, but I was plenty distracted by all of the friends and family that had come to the hospital anticipating Taylor’s arrival. The nurse came in and said “well do you want the good news or the bad news first?” I replied with “good news!” She proceeded to inform me that we would be meeting Taylor with in two hours, the bad. I had to have a C-Section. I was not progressing in my dilation and she was under stress with every contraction. This was something Cody, Dr. Kaelberer and I had discussed. The Dr. was more concerned with the size of the baby being an issue ( you have seen her father, so you understand that there was a good chance that she would be a big girl). Dr K was on his way back in and Cody and I were getting prepped for surgery.

Taylor Mae 086

Cody and I were so excited. My Grandma was scared and crying as she kissed me goodbye before we went down the long hall to the operating room. Soon after entering that amazing man who gave me my epidural also loaded me up with more drugs and before I knew it I was getting tugged on and all kinds of pressure, no pain just pressure was coming from my torso. Cody gets quite queasy when it comes to blood so he didn’t watch, him and I discussed middle names. 40 minutes into the procedure Dr. K said “Sheena A LOT of pressure right here, take a deep breath…” “and she is here a baby girl with all 10 fingers and toes!!!” he held her up over the paper wall and there she was. I could barely see her. I wear glasses and they wouldn’t let me wear them in there. I could hear her screaming, my eyes welled up, I looked at Cody as he starred at her in amazement.

3:48pm Taylor Mae Smith was born at 7lbs 15oz and 21” longTaylor Mae 090

She was perfect!! The "Paparazzi”(a name the nurses gave them) of family and friends waiting outside the doors all awed in unison as Daddy carried he into their view. I still had to be closed up so the family took advantage of the moment to eat her up before I came back into the room

Taylor Mae 091Taylor Mae 005Taylor Mae 015Taylor Mae 011Taylor Mae 095

Taylor Mae 036

Taylor Mae 049

Taylor Mae 037Taylor Mae 012

Taylor Mae 021Taylor Mae 023

4 years ago our lives changed and what a beautiful new beginning it was!! Taylor you have taught Mom & Dad so many things and given us so much joy. We love you so very much I hope your 4th birthday is an amazing one!!!!